Forex Trading Journal: Usd/Chf July 11th

I am looking for the trade to start the week off right with the forex trading journal. I am looking at the Usd/Chf. We have had a tremendous run to the downside to this pair and it appears we may have had an area of support.

Look at the daily Chart.

July 11

July 11

If the pair closes higher then the previous high on the daily chart I will be looking to enter long. That will be a trade that I am thinking of trading based on the daily chart. Look for me to post a trade opportunity around 5pm est time because that is when the daily candle closes. If you would like to learn more about the trades I make follow me on Twitter.

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  • Hi cassey,
    it may be a bit earlier but i went long on this pair as the hourly candle closes above the 1.0561 which is a strong resistanace. the other reason for entering the trade is that usd/chf usually goes opposite of gbp/usd and eur/usd and my trade on gbp/usd is cruising nicely downward. lets see how succesful i am.please enlighten me with your wise thoughts.

  • Rob

    Looks good Casey—i'll be watching as well. Enjoying your blog

  • Mani

    thank you sir. please sent the ERO/USD Signal…

  • Thanks

  • Patricio Arellano

    I agree with your vision. Nice post