Forex Trading Journal

Forex Trading Journal

Forex Trading Journal

I am going to start an online Forex Trading Journal that will be a public log of every trade I make. There are a couple of reasons I am going to start posting my trades here on the Winners Edge Trading blog. First reason is because I want to follow my own advice in an article I wrote last week about forex discipline. If I am going to write about doing it, I want do to it and live it. So this will be my trading accountability structure. All of you will be my accountability partners, and I want every one who reads this blog to help out. You guys can post your trades her as well and we can get some group feedback. I will write all the entry points as well as stop loss, and take profit target. I will also include my pre-trade analysis as to way I take each trade.

The other reason I am going to post my trades is because I have been getting tons of emails about my trades and strategies. In addition to helping me in my trading I believe this will help everybody else as well. To keep my entries to a manageable number I will only post swing trades with a daily, 4hr, or 1 hr entry candles.

I am always writing about keeping a Forex Trading Journal so now I will teach you how to keep one as well by following this journal. The journal will start tomorrow because it is the first of the month. It is easier to show someone something then it is to tell someone about it. This way I will be showing you how to keep a journal. Please join me and participate in this Forex trading journal because as always your participation is what is going to make this a success. Winners Edge Trading would not be here if it was not for this great community. If you like this idea or have any other ideas about how I should proceed please include it the comments below.

To follow the Trades in the journal click on the category Forex Trading Journal or Click Here

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  • K342275064

    Alot I learn~

  • forex robot

    If you are serious about trading successfully, you need to be keeping a forex trading journal. I remember a long time ago when I first got started trading, I was just doing so so until the day when I decided to start keeping a trade journal.

  • Keep up the posts, I’ve bookmarked your blog so that I can learn more about forex trading and strategies etc. I love it when people post their trades and goals with actualy explanations.

  • Wayne Doss

    Thanks for the invite, I am eager to learn.

  • Thanks Charles I have actually release Trading journal Guide you can download.

  • This is actually my first time to comment on your articles,i have really gone thru to many trading journals ,your up coming journal is quite different.You are really showing that love and care to your followers and friends,i admire this simplicity of character and of course your profound knowledge in trading.Without doubt,i know your upcoming journal will make a difference. All the best.
    Charles Emmanuel.

  • Great idea and i think this will be very imformative for not only newbies but thoes who lost their confidence because of loss during the years.
    Any way looking forward to it

  • Cletus

    Am sure the entire forex community is waiting for this and its going to be very informative especially for the newbie

  • Kristofa

    Thank you dear Casey. I will surely follow the journal.
    It is certainly what I need to learn.

  • Bwahin


  • forex is best way make huge money but big investment want

  • Francisco fuenzalida

    Great idea. Are you going to post these trades in real time, or at some point after the fact?
    Will this be accessible directly from the Winner’s Edge site, or do we have to go to another location to access the information?
    I’m looking forward to following you, and learning from you in this project.
    Thanks for constantly trying to make trading better, more satisfying, and more profitable.

  • Divya Pari

    This is a great idea. I am sure I could learn faster this way. Looking forward to it!

  • adewale andrews

    i strongly support your gesture in helping a struggling trader like me.the journal will be an eyes openner for us.keep the fire burnning.

  • Nil,

    thanks for the comment. It is good to see other traders out there trying to help others out by starting a blog. Maybe we could do some joint posting to help each other in the blogging world. I think your site looks great keep up the good work.

  • Danny,

    Thanks for the comment and I hope that you come back and apply some of the techniques we have been learning here.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I personally answer every comment on my blog.

  • Nil

    Hi Casey that sounds like a great idea and I wish you all the best with your trading. I started an online forex journal for simlar reasons as yourself, my main driver being the incentive to become a more disciplined trader, and also to help others who are new or struggling to make money.


  • Danny

    On-line Journal, Great Idea. I usually try to keep the info in my head or on scratch notes but that hasn't worked out. Even though it takes some time to disect every trade positive/negative it can only help in the long run. To all the critics, how many of you out there are willing to put your failed trades out for everyone to see and pick apart. I can pick a failed trade and tell you why it went wrong, hindsight. Don't get me wrong, I value the positive and negative responses, thats how I am learning.
    Casey, keep up the great works!!!

  • Thanks for the kind words I hope that this makes you and many others a better forex trader.


  • Thanks for the info if you have a question you can contact me at [email protected]

  • Dave Beachy

    Heike, I have met only one Heike in the past-in Liverpool at the Tropical Medicine School. Was that per chance you? If so, please let me know! Thanks. Dave Beachy (4XDoc)

  • Sayed Haider

    Please accept my thanks and gratitude Casey for such a wonderful idea. Well, Trading Forex need
    lot of discipline, common sense and patience. You emailed to me two golden opportunities of trade.
    One EUR/GBP and 2nd GBP/CHF and I trade both of them. I thankyou vecularlyry much for such good opportinities of profitable trade and to tell you the truth I made good profit on both above mentioned
    trades. Now on particularly 2nd trade GBP/CHF you advised to sell and very clearly you also mentioned to place a stoploss order at 100 pips. So before entering the trade I was thinking why
    you advised for such a big 100 pips away stop order but soon I got the answer when I watched closely the pair on daily chart. As I noted already two tops on previous two days, it become easy for
    me to analyze that it might make a 3rd top and thats why on precaution you advised to create stop order at 100 pips on north, and I really appreciated your great sense of trade. I did accordingly and I win the trade and learnt a great lesson. In a nutshell, such kind of trading will be a pleasant experience
    and great guidelines for the beginners like me.
    Please keep up the good work. Your style of trading is unprecedented and unmatched.
    Best Regards
    Sayed Haider

  • It should be in your email. If it is not email me personally and I will send it to you.

    [email protected]

  • No this will be open to all users so please come again and see how it develops.

  • Dr. Magdee

    I registered my name for what you call it (forex strategies book), but never received? Why?

  • Dr. Magdee

    I registed my name different times for what you call strategies book, but never received? why?

  • david

    Hi Julius Am David Ogunnubi saw your comment,can i know you better as am also learning can we be Fx friends. Email me at [email protected] or my number is 08052321750. pls do call. thanks.

  • david

    Good go ahead

  • bernbeach

    Well Casey a daring & courageous gesture to put yourself on the line.

  • Elvis Pipsprof

    Its great reading ur thoughts and ideas .Not many people are willing to stake thier neck and post thier trades.we will be following you and commenting along.Thanks .

  • Mpontso

    I look forward to your jounal because I want to learn to trade professionally and be a desciplined trader

  • Mpontso

    casey I look forward to your journal because I want to learn to be a desciplined trader. In the past I have see you infrmation on positions uaeful


    Good issue CASEY
    go foreword i am with you

  • Owen Malpas

    Does one have to have premium membership in order to follow the Trading journal?

  • Gerarfx

    Thanks Casey, I hope to attend… and as always a good idea……. is good to know people like you always have intention of helping those who are novices

  • aysual

    Getting forward to get more PIPS from this session. Thank you very much for the sharing.

  • thanks Ray, I got your email earlier I appreciate the feedback.


  • Kop I actually don't have a copy of Microsoft office so there will no spreadsheet. But I will post everthing withing the post and you can take the data and do what you wish with it.


  • Remi Ladipo

    Cassey, this is going to be very interesting. I look forward to participating. Thanks

  • Ray Barton

    Looking Forward to your blogs , I need the discipline. I hope this will help

  • Pipman305

    Great idea Casey, cant wait .

  • KoP

    Excellent idea Casey. I think most people don't do this because takes too much time and effort. Will you be puting it on an Excel spreadsheet so we can download it and study it? Will you also include a post trade analysis to tell us how the trade can be improved or point out what went wrong etc?


  • ojo-shallom

    eagerly waiting for this

  • ojo-shallom


  • Pius

    Great..great, love the idea.

  • marco castro

    casey , thanks a lot for your interest,
    i follow the trades you put and i analiza them so you are teaching me how to analize them
    god bless you

  • Sounds like a plan! πŸ˜‰

  • You're welcome and also, you are far more experienced than I am and I'm sure I'll get to learn a lot from you.

  • Soccerhed

    I don't know if I have “it” yet. More like a work in motion. Still pull the trigger too soon on profitable runs. I financial model a lot now and trade only 1 pair. I think that the biggest mistake starting out is to try and swallow the market whole and work 6 pair in different time frames. The other end of the rainbow is the robots. Been there, done that, lost my money.

  • Me too,

    thanks and come back again.


  • Janet,
    My personal trading journal is for everyone to read I just haven't started yet. I didn't get a chance to trade today because of my schedule but I hope I will find a good opportunity tonight.

  • Patrick lets try to keep this as simple as we can that way it will be easy to reproduce and do it again.

    Thanks for the comment and I lets see what we can do.

  • Robert,

    You are the reason we do what we do, thanks so much for the appreciation. If we stick together we can do something great.

    I look forward to future comments.



  • I looked at your site and it looks like you have a trading journal of sorts on there already. This could be a great learning experience for both of us.

    Thanks for the comment please come by again.

  • Jon,

    That in my opinion is true wisdom learning from someone that has all ready gone through it so that way you can learn much faster.

    Thanks for the comment please visit again soon.

  • Larry,

    I was wondering what happened to you. Glad to see you are still around. πŸ™‚ I will work on adding all of that information in my journal and if I don't just gently remind me.

    Thanks for the comment and I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

  • Ray,

    That is how I am hoping this will work as well as teaching us all how to conduct our trading journals it will also help us work on our trading strategies.

  • thanks you, pleas come again.

  • I hear you there it took me some time as well. But I love it when I think about how I finally got it and that is so cool. Thanks for visiting and for sharing that little piece of information about yourself. If you ever have any questions please stop by.

  • zamri ibrahim

    I hope we can get more profit thank.

  • Janet Sacher

    Hi Casey, I am not seeing your trade journal. Is it only open for your subscribers?

  • Patrick Mercier

    Thank you, that is a very welkom contribution to help all of us become successful traders. Many of us have tried to keep a trading journal, ending up with something that is so complicated and involved it becomes useless. Looking forward to your advice and guidance.

  • Soccerhed

    HR outsourcing, benefits, compensation, payroll. With Obamacare, we're in for a wild ride and my business will be changing dramtically in 3 years. So instead of having my business own me, I decided to take control and get another option. After 30 months of fumbling around in Forex, I finally wrote “it” down and now I have a reference point. Too bad I didn't follow my own advice 30 months ago. Experience is great to have, I just wish it had been someone elses' money teaching me the wrong way to do this for 2+ years!

  • Robertt


    I am a new student who started just two weeks ago in your program. As a matter of fact, I only just started Forex 4 months ago. Your journal postings is a great idea. I just wanted to say that Winnersedgetrading has been awesome.Thank you Casey and everybody who has been a part of it .<guest2>

  • Great! I'm looking forward to it as well.

  • like it Casey…sounds just what I need in my quest to improve.


  • jon

    Thanks casey, looking forward to it, and learning some good lessons from someone who's been trading forex a lot longer than myself.

  • Larry Hoover


    What you are doing requires great courage. WOW! You sure got my attention and I sure will be checking out your site much more often. Have gotten sidetracked but hope to get going again real soon. Thanks for all your help. Larry

    In my little journal I keep a won/loss record along with the percent won/lost of the trades and also a running cum of pips profit. Would these be possible for you to do? Haven't read the comments below yet so not sure if others have suggested something similar or not???

  • Ray barton

    Good waiting for the swing trde set up to see if they match what I have

  • kamal bahrin bahari

    commendable effort. tq

  • I will be posting my trades as they happen then I will update later. They will be located right here on the blog and it will be in the category forex trade journal.

    Thank you for your comments and thanks for visiting please come back.

  • Ernie Hallmark

    Great idea. Are you going to post these trades in real time, or at some point after the fact?
    Also, will this be accessible directly from the Winner's Edge site, or do we have to go to another location to access the information?
    I'm looking forward to following you, and learning from you in this project.
    Thanks for constantly trying to make trading better, more satisfying, and more profitable.

  • Thanks for the comment, What business are you in?

  • Soccerhed

    I with you. we have a rule in my business,,, If it's not in writing, it didn't happen. I am eager to see the journal

  • Dave, Thanks for the comment. You should start your blog up again nobody could write about trading like you could. πŸ™‚

  • Iman, I am not the first nor the last but I do want to improve always so it seems like this is the right thing to do in this case. I hope I can light a path for other traders to follow.

  • Vernice thanks for the comment. This is great to hear that you have been motivated to start your own trading journal. Please keep us all informed as to if this will help your trading.



  • Dale, How have you been?

    Thanks for the comment and I hope this will help you and others. πŸ™‚

  • Hi,
    One of the best way to improve in our life is sharing idea with others and when you have started to write about your stratedgy you are going to have a better and bigger picture of it.
    In my opinion, you are the first person to correct and improve your way in this field by reviewing your suggestion and also find btter way to get profit.
    As well, you are helping those people who have lost their gut in Forex and newbies.
    Wish you the best

  • Vernice

    Have been reading the weekly analysis you sent and they are insightful…This is a good idea to keep track of trades and avoid impulsive or revenge trades..really nice of you to share your trades with us…sharing is part of learning process have just motivated me to start my own journal too..

  • Dale Fitzpatrick

    That is very generous of you. God bless you.

  • Yes, Journal must be readable so that we can go back and review so hopefully after a while your own trade journal will be rock solid.

  • Yes, that happens to me too, I will often make a trade out of boredom or just because I can.

    So this should help all of us control our impulse trading. Thanks for the comment and I hope to hear your thoughts as this progresses.

  • Quinn

    Great Idea. This helps me because my journal notes could use some clarity. I have to remember that if I want a journal to be valuable, it has to be readable. Also, if it's worth putting on a trade, it's worth writing about. Since I am new to trading I look at daily or 4hour charts and try to use what I am learning about price action. I think too many indicator(besides lagging) clutter the process. I like the EMA because it provides a weighted price trail. Other than that, price action seems like the best. Thanks for everything so far

  • Heike

    Great Casey…I have been having trouble controlling my impulse trading. This will help me greatly!!!

  • Thanks Michael G, come back and take part in this little experiment.

  • As far as being brilliant, It was how I was taught to learn buy spending time with people.

    Thanks for the comment and I appreciate your support and this is an exciting undertaking we are going for.

  • You are welcome I think together we will all see some more pips.

  • Forex Chick, I looked at your blog and I looks like you have the right idea there. Maybe you would like to do a guest post sometime?

  • I am excited and eager to read your blog posts, thanks Casey!

  • Michael G

    Great idea Casey.

  • Julius Olutokun

    Thank you Casey, this is a brilliant idea and will definitely help some of us who are understudying you. It will also serve as a training system for us so that we will know the things that move the market. More grease to your elbow Mr. Trendy.

  • James Ding

    great looking forword to it. and thanks