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Today’s article will be different than usual: you know that I LOVE providing trade setups and technical analysis.

But proper Forex trading is MORE than just analysis and trade setup ideas.

Successful Forex traders are tremendously diverse in their skills:

1)       They have iron patience, discipline and confidence (and no fear);

2)       They are alert and quick in reaction to the Forex market;

3)       They master their trading plan and execute it with perfection;

4)       They have a grand trading psychology which is in sync with the market psychology;

5)       They continuously improve their trading strategies;

6)       They have an iron clad risk and money management implementation;

7)       They have a great trade management plan.

The above confirms it: you need be multi talented to succeed. Missing one of these key items could swing you from a winning Forex trader to a losing one.

Forex trading is not only about catching pips – Forex trading is about consistency.

The MAJOR question is: how do you reach that level of consistency?

The only true mechanism is this:


There is NO other way around. Only the three “E’s” will help: education, education, and education. This is the one and only true way of learning Forex trading.

Every Forex trader needs that Forex educator and mentor by their side to become the best trader they can be.


The best educational method for the Forex trader is:

The Forex trading seminar.

This is by the far the very best way of improving your skills as you progress and become a better and better trader!

You probably have tons of questions so let’s address them!

1)       Why would it benefit me??

The answers are:                knowledge and experience.

Very simple.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is profit. Knowledge is key.

And experience is even MORE important!

No Forex trader can achieve success without a mentor!

All, I repeat ALL, successful Forex traders have mentors.

Forex traders need people who guide, support and motivate them.

Forex trading is like completing a marathon.

And Forex traders are the runners.
Of course we can run a great race the first half of the marathon, but….
Are you prepared for the full race?
Are you sure you will not lose steam in the last miles of the race?
Can you truly say that you are, and beyond any doubt, totally ready for the entire Forex career?

Your answer should be no!
Every professional athlete, such as a marathon runner or any other sport, has a coach.
Every great manager has a career coach.

Anybody who is successful in life has a mentor!

2)       What is a Forex trading seminar?

And why on earth would a Forex trading seminar be good for me?

The idea behind the seminar is to familiarize Forex learners more intensively with specific and deeper concepts within the realm of Forex trading. The topics are typically more in-depth and detailed of nature.

The seminar concept offers a great interaction between an experienced Forex instructor and other seriously dedicated and well knowledgeable Forex students.

The Forex trading seminar offers a way for Forex traders to learn about new, very strategic, out of the box, and successful Forex trading concepts.

It not only provides a great method of Forex students to learn from the very best Forex traders and mentors, but also a way how to gain from their vast experience!

Simply put, the Forex trading seminar provides you with a method to learn from the best.

And folks, this is the real magic bullet, golden egg, and “holy grail” you are looking for!

3)      What to look for when searching for a Forex trading seminar to attend

There are some things that you want to check before attending a Forex trading seminar.

a)      Is the Forex trading seminar live or online? Both types are great.

The advantage of an online Forex trading seminar is that it is usually less expensive to join. That is because you do not have to book plane tickets, hotel rooms, expensive dinners at a restaurant, and the usually more costly entrance tickets.

Online Forex trading seminars are easier to access from the comfort of your own home.

b)      Who is the Forex instructor?

Is the Forex instructor(s) how is leading the Forex trading seminar a well known Forex trader with a reputable reputation in the Forex market? Or is someone that you just met at the corner who asked you first for a $10 loan just before trying to sell you a seminar?

c)       How does the agenda look like?

It is important to have a rough idea what the course is all about. You do not need to know every single details of every minute, but it would good to get a rough indication of what will be discussed.

d)      What is the price?

Logically speaking, you want to know how much the Forex trading seminar is going to cost. Don’t be too focused on saving costs though at the expense of quality.

4)      Winners Edge Trading has completed the marathon

We at Winners Edge Trading have completed that marathon…. many times.

We know what lies on the road ahead of you. The choice is yours.

At Winners Edge Trading we would be honored and proud to be your mentor and guide.

Whether you are looking to become profitable, or just trying to improve your profitability, the Winners Edge Trading team is here to help.

As our mentor, you will have access to the best resources EVER in the field of Forex trading.

Don’t be foolish and naïve, prepare yourself for the Forex marathon by getting the best coach and mentor ever: Winners Edge Trading.

We are here for you:

5)       IMPORTANT INFO!!!

Are you interested in joining a Forex trading seminar sometime soon?

What topic would benefit you the most?

Well folks, we hope that you have enjoyed this article on Forex trading seminars!

As always, Good Trading!
Ps. Those who have read yesterday’s article: the USDCAD triangle broke cleanly to the downside during the Asian session – as expected.

BUT this is key: before London open I explained via twitter how I translated the trade idea (of yesterday’s article) to a specific trade plan.

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