Forex Trading Signals

One of the most popular things advertised out there is Forex Trading signals.

Almost every Forex trainer offers some type of signal service.

Whether it is a signal service through an independent dashboard, a private twitter feed, an automated email blast, or a text message sent to your phone, every signal service has the same idea: tell you where to get into the market.

Now, most of them do have a stop loss and a target suggestion, but the concept of a “signal” is to tell you where and when to jump into the market.

I think these services can be of great value. Having a good entry point is a critical matter when it comes to trading Forex, but getting in at a good price is just a portion of what it takes to be a successful trader. Not only does a normal trade signal provider give you a limited amount of information to make money, but it also has the disadvantage of the delay between when the signal is generated and when you get in. For me, this is a huge dilemma. Because in Forex, you already have to overcome the evil spread, but getting in after the set up has already begun can essentially double or triple that spread.

With these issues at hand, Winner’s Edge Trading (That’s us 😉 ) decided to create a different type of signal service. With our service, instead of waiting for signals and then having to manage the trades on your own, we allow you to hook your account directly into Casey’s master account. This way, you don’t have to wait for the signal (you get in as soon as he does) AND he manages the trades for you.

This is very important because a profitable trader is a rare thing, and I tend to believe that it is the little things that make a trader go from break-even to profitable. Most of those “little things” are actually quite large things that we just consider small because they are not the entry or the strategy. Things like trade management are the most essential part of being profitable. Letting a trade run when it should be allowed to run and cutting a trade loose when it is ready to reverse are the most difficult things to define in trading, but they are also the things that make you profitable.

Most signal services will leave you trying to figure out this stuff, but we have created a system that leaves everything up to us. We put all the responsibility on ourselves. If your account is not making money, than that is on us. We can’t say “Oh. we gave you good signals, but you didn’t manage it right.” No, if your account didn’t make money, ours didn’t either.

We call the service the Catapult Pro, and I firmly believe it is worth your time to check it out.

Thanks, hope this taught you something about why most Forex Trading Signals do not work.

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