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  • Lou

    Am I missing something ? I was always taught an uptrend was indicated by the faster 20ma crossing above the slower 40ma  In the webinar about 11miutes you define the 20 ma as the blue line and the 40ma as the gold line, which if I am  not mistaken would make your explanations wrong. 20 minutes into the webinar you define them correctly Gold 20ma and blue 40ma  I am not trying to criticize just want to correct you .Listen to your webinar and see if I am not correct.

    If I have missed something then accept my apology.

    Lou S.

  • Brian Robbie

    Great webinar Casey, I couldn’t copy and paste the free indicator as there was a page obstructing my mouse,  Brian Robertson  [email protected]

  • Muyen

    Hi good lesson thanks for the simplicity,  pls how can I get the link on the indicator.