Forex Trading Journal Revisited

Hello Traders,

I am going to ask you a question?

I have received a large amount of mail recently from traders asking for help I realize that I have been falling short of my helping with posting trades. So I wanted to review a popular post, that helped many traders. It is the concept of the Forex Trading Journal which wrote about here. Some of you took part in the first forex trading journal this one is going to be much better.

The process is going to be a complete forex training. I will be answering all questions and helping with your trades. I have produced a trading manual where I teach a strategy and I will guide traders on how to learn that strategy and I will even review your trades because I am creating a forum that will go along with the forex manual.

So I am asking if that is something that you could use or that you might want to be involved in?

I am going to reveal the free trading guide to everyone that signs up for my free webinar on the CFTC Changes. This is going to be a useful webinar for US traders but it will be useful to all traders because of the release of the forex trading journal.

Click this link to sign up for the free webinar.

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