Forex Twitter Beginners Guide

Twitter ForexI have been getting many new followers on my Forex Twitter account and many of them are new twitter users. The purpose of this post is to help new users on how to use twitter, when you first use twitter you might not understand what the big deal is. It can take awhile before you truly understand the benefits of twitter.  Twitter has been a great tool for many traders including myself to share ideas and information in real time to a large group of people. As I trade I use Twitter every single day that I trade.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to use twitter.

Step one: To get the most out of twitter you must follow the right people. You can start by following my twitter account here. I have also compiled a good list of Forex twitter accounts to follow you can read post I wrote to give you some more ideas on who to follow by reading Twitter and Forex an Incredible Phenomenon

Step Two: now that you have some good people to follow, send them a message and say hi.  To send a message in Twitter you must do it like this “@caseystubbs Hello Casey, it is nice to meet you I am following based on a recommendation from you blog”  Since you put the @caseystubbs on the message it gets flagged and goes directly to me. If you just type the message with out the @caseystubbs I will not get the message. I have noticed new users attempting to talk to me by sending a message like this” Casey what do you think about the Euro today” I will not answer that message because it was not sent correctly. For me to receive you must include the @ symbol.

So go ahead and try it out send me a message saying hello and that you read this article. I will answer you as soon as I get it.

Step three: Direct Message: That was easy, next send a direct message. If you don’t want the whole world to see your message then you can send a direct message, that is private and only the user will see it. To send a direct message instead of using the @symbol you will use the letter D then the message. Here is an example” D caseystubbs hey Casey that was a terrible call you lousy trader” I would receive that message in my private box.

One thing to note about a direct message is that I must be following you for you to be able to send a direct message. So to remedy this just tell the person to please follow you so you can then send them a direct message.

Step Four: RT: Next I will share my favorite the RT . The letters RT stands for RE Tweet, if someone shares a cool message then you can send the same message to all of your followers by using the RT command. To send an RT, on the twitter your Twitter page you move your cursor to the tweet you want to RT. When your cursor hovers over the tweet the word retweet will appear on the tweet. To send the RT all you have to do is click Retweet and that message will be re broadcast  to all of your followers as well.

Lastly once you get some followers and understand what twitter is all about I recommend getting tweetdeck. All you have to do is download it and install it on your computer. Tweetdeck is improved software that makes using twitter easier and more powerful.

Thanks and happy twittering. If you have any twitter questions please comment below. Also don’t forget to follow me and RT this article to all of your Forex Tweeps 🙂

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