Forex Weekly Analysis

This week we will look at the key levels on the Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Aud/Usd, and the Eur/Aud. In the video below you will see weekly support and resistance levels, current trends, as well as general trading principles. This analysis is quite comprehensive and shows some great trading concepts that will help you sharpen your trading skills. I have an update to my current trade that I entered on Wednesday. Please leave your thoughts and comments on my trade ideas below.

Remember the more we share what we are seeing the better all our trading is going to be so please jump in and share feedback. Also follow me on twitter to get all of our updates during the week.

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  • Ray

    Quick question. Updated time is shown in which timezone?

  • marekg

    always learning something new in your video’s… thanks Casey.

  • Jerryclarkuk

    this weekly up-date was just great, so refreshing to hear & follow your trading moves,I look forward to your next one. Very best Regards Jerry

  • Sogumillos

    Excelent !!! Thanks for sharing.


  • JuanCarlosLema

    Great analysis thank you for that. The only thing I would like toi be different ion the future is that you actually name the levels or support and resistance i.e 1.5645 on the GBP USD as the image is so small that I only managed to see the lines you draw but no actual numbers.

  • AB

    Great analysis and insight into likely coming scenarios. Thanks Casy

  • tarek123

    Hi Casey,
    Very very good analysis. Thank you very much for your effort and I am very convinced with it.

  • Rblaz18

    Thanks, Casey & God bless

  • Abobrowski2002

    Casey, I like your trading style a lot. It’s very similar to what I’ve learned over many years worked for me the best.
    Your analysis is very pleasant to follow, because you actually do it real-time, most of the time. This way it’s easy to follow your thinking process.
    It’s exactly what education/sharing should be. Not too many traders have this gift.
    Thanks a lot for sharing. 

  • Redgy Pypops

    Great analysis of the longer term trends Casey. Thanks for sharing!