Forex Trading Contest Top Contestants

I am pleased to announce the top Winner for the Forex Trading Competition. The trading was great and I hope you had alot of fun. A big thanks to everyone that participated.

1.  Rabah Hzaimeh   $201,479.31
2.  J. Touati      $78,039.46
3.  Mani Mohseni $69,215.96


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  • Rabah

    I would like to thank Casey for conducting such a fun competition.

  • Rabah

    Hullo everyone

  • Patricio A

    Hi Casey, do you think that the winners wants to share their strategies with the rest of us? It would be so helpful 🙂

  • Great Job Mani,

    You have put hard work learning and it shows.


  • Dear Casey , I want to thank you for all awesome remarks and lessons you provide to people and new traders , I really appreciate it.
    I am the one who was absolutley a looser in forex despite all books and lessons I have read.
    Now I can see I came in third place in the contest and how easily I can gain profits from this market.
    Thank you very much Casey and Winners Edge Trading.