Free Signal Update

The Eur/Jpy Short ended up getting stopped out and losing -35 pips. The error of that trade was that my stop loss was too short as it hit the stop and went back down. The trade idea worked I just did not give my stop enough room. Has anyone else every had that happen to them before? That is something as a trader that I think we must all deal with from time to time.

So far for the month of April Winners Edge Trading is – 34 pips. The Eur/Gbp I ended up stopping out again at + 20 pips. The pair is in a trading range so every time it drops down I have been getting back in long. The pair is now in a trading range and it has been possible to take advantage of the range.

The Signal for today is Aud/Jpy short.

Short 87.50
SL 88.05

TP 86.00

As always move the SL to break even as soon as possible.

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