FX Market Setting Up

 Lots of news tomorrow and some initial moves happening in the FX World:


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  • Paul

    Excellent work as always Nathan, thank you so much

    Next couple of days could be very important from a fundamental point of view, which could give the technicals a little more certainty in terms of longer term direction. Many pairs are at previously important levels from a technical perspective, the question really is whether they are going to break the levels & continue in the direction of their most recent directions, or respect these Support / Resistance levels and reverse for a couple of weeks

  • RJ

    where is the scroll bar?

  • Figen

    I miss the scroll bar below.

  • Matt

    Thanks Nathan—on teh AUD and NZD though the trend is down and both look to be rejecting important fibs. SO I am watching for some price action to trade short.