G20 Meetings

Today and tomorrow 2012 G20 meetings are being held in Los Cabos, Mexico. Finance ministers and central bankers attend these meetings. The policies created and news released from G20 meetings can play a vital role in the markets direction.

Being the day after Greek elections, and with the recent crises in Spain and Italy, Europe is a focus of these meetings.

The G20 body is pleased with Greek’s election for the sake of the EU and IMF-led bailout.

EU (European Union) president Herman Van Rompuy stated “This crisis in the eurozone will take time to solve, there are no quick fixes, no silver bullets, but we will do all it takes to see it through,” It seems like no one is denying reality here but the question is: “How are we going to see it through?”

I suppose that is why the heads of the world’s 20 top economies are meeting now. Along with other issues, the European crises will surely be a main focus.

When the statement of adjusted policy and meeting conclusions is released after the meetings, I would imagine we could expect to see more resulting volatility.

Written By: Tony College

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