Gaps, Gaps, Gaps!

The Market gapped all over the place over the weekend, what does it look like now?

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  • NathanTucci

    Hey Stephen, we are definitely working on it. Drawdowns are definitely not fun, but we are confident we’ll pull out of this one with profit on the other side.

  • Paul

    Thanks for taking th etime to share your analysis as always Nathan

    Mondays, huh! Yawwwwn

  • stephen

    Good analysis – just wondering when you are going to convert this into a profit in our investment copier subscription? Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks,

  • Michael

    The losers on my ILQ account account are driving me crazy ! I strongly advise anyone reading this message to not allow Winners Edge to Trade for you . Their claim of 7% per month average is more like MINUS $100 per week .

  • Fathi Ibrahim Fahmy

    thanks for the good Analysis