GBP Strengh Breaks Through

The GBP, sitting on some nice support zones, made its break!

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  • NathanTucci

    Ah, cool! Hope you are up nicely on that one as we speak 🙂

  • Paul

    Good one Nathan

    You described my exact thinking (and aggressive stop setting) on the UsdJpy, thanks. I placed an order yesterday and it was opened overnight, so I am in that one

    I hope you guys all have a great holiday weekend & look forward to hearing what you think after all the old world central banks and NFP have all been published

    ps – I hope the spike on GBPCHF lunch time (to me) didn’t get your stop

  • Eric Lambert

    Hi and thank you for the analysis. I’m very upset that I as unable to get the chance to work with your team but such is life. I will continue your daily analysis and hopefully the trade room but it would have been very nice to work with your guys. I think it’s very important for organizations like yours and many others around the us and the globe to understand people are in extremely tough times despite what our liberal media says. And therefore when someone can’t getfunds within the short period of time slotted it doesn’t mean they weren’t trying to gather the funds they just didn’t have it yet. You might want to share this with your organization Nathan.
    God Bless

    Eric H Lambert