GBP/USD falls 1,000 Pips!

The movement has been insnae lately, including the GBP that went down almost 1,000 pips over the past three weeks against the USD:

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  • Ace Gazette Nosbigs

    I see no confusion in my remarks sorry of you do

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Ace, not sure what you mean by call? .. I did not suggest that I was short or that we made a call to go short at all. Just simply talked about the movement in the market and the fact that the GBP fell 1,000 pips in just a few weeks; I am not sure what that has to do with making a trade call? … I am always honest and open about winning and losing trades and also missing trades. In this case, “the GBP fell almost a thousand pips” is just a factual statement about the currency… I was not short on it, and if you watched my analysis from the days before, like you said, I did not claim to be short on it… so not sure what the confusion is here.

  • Paul

    Cool analysis of the weekly (for AUD perhaps that should read ‘weakly’?) technical situation, Nathan. Thank you very much as always

    Happy with the NFPs impact on UsdJpy. I have a break even trade now (@ 99.90) patiently waiting for 103.50 as you identified. I’m also interested in adding to my long, if we get any pullback down and a suitable price action trigger

    Not sure if we’ll see Eur +/or Gbp bounce from the present levels, to give some more great short opportunities, or just follow the AUD and keep diving. Have to wait to see.

    Looking forward to your updates on these on Monday & Tuesday. I think GbpNzd is approaching an interesting decision level too

  • Ace Gazette Nosbigs

    Please explain how a factual statement is shaded by positive or negative. I viewed his video where he was going on vacation not trading and presented both options fairly and objectively. Due to the uncertainty of a break either way he was a no call. But this headline would to those who did not see his video make it seem they made the call .. All I seek is transparency

  • david

    Don’t have to get negative here. Its bad trading Psychology.

  • Ace Gazette Nosbigs

    Before the July 4th holiday your online video suggested that you would not venture a decision on GBPUSD and with the headline you infer you made a call ….