Gbp/Usd Pending Entry Order

Hello, Traders I am testing a new strategy and I am going to be posting all my trades here. I am not going into the details of the strategy yet because I want to make sure that it works first. So stay posted for the next upcoming weeks and we will be able to see if this new strategy can bring me some winning trades.

Follow me on Twitter to see if the trade gets filled or not.

I will be taking some live trades and showing some live videos during this testing phase as well.

There was a drop down in the GpbUsd at the open today. I put a pending entry order at 1.5817 The position is going to be a long setup. I believe that this pair will go higher possibly back up to the 1.5900 area again. That is why I am going long here.

See the attached 4 hr chart to see my entry orders.

4Hr Chart

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