Gbp/Usd Setting up for a drop

In Today’s Video I lay out a few things for you to take note of:

  1. I review today’s live trades that we took in the trading room.
  2. I show you the Gbp/Usd Potential Trade on the daily chart
  3.  Usd/Jpy Review that I called on Monday
  4.  Strike 3.0 Special


Right Now Strike 3.0 is on Sale:

  • You Get Trend Multi Tool
  • Double Exhaustion Bars
  • Trading Room Access
  • Trade Scanner
  • Trade Levels
  • Strategy Guide
  • Premium Members Content

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Casey Stubbs is the founder of Winners Edge Trading, which is one of the most widely read forex sites on the web. Winners Edge Trading has trained thousands of people to trade the Forex markets.

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  • It Starts at 8am Est and goes for 1 hour sometimes longer depending on trades available.

    I host the room and When I am not there I have a Substitute that is a good trader.

    Yes questions are always answered.

  • Kathy

    Hi Casey,
    Love your trading style.
    have couple Qs.
    what are the hours to your trade room?
    who is the mentor and trader in the trade room? you or someone else.?
    Also, is this trade room open for us to ask questions and discuss and learn from you?

    Thank you

  • Benson

    Thanks Casey

  • Benson

    ok Thanks Casey. But please Can I have an email with which I can talk to you directly? I would like to talk to you about something… Thanks

  • Benson,

    Thanks for the question and yes it comes with everything.

    And you get access as long as you want. It takes some time to learn everything.

  • Benson

    Waow Casey, are you saying with 39$ I will get all that software and also trade along with you live? Also, will I get instruction on how all those software work when I subscribe? Because I really don’t know what those G2/R2, etc mean. And for how long can one continue to get access to this package?