Getting our computers up to speed for trading applications

Do you need to get your trading computer tweaked a bit for faster performance? I do. I Find myself maxing out my current computer. Which is badly in need of an upgrade.  Every time I try to get into designing one… I come up with 5K price tags for what I really want.  My current one is good, but has some limitations.  There are a few things I can think of and am going to implement within the next few weeks.  My fellow roomy/ moderator Tim has already told me that memory is one of the best upgrades you can make. He HIGHLY recommends upgrading to the fastest and most amount that the computer is able to handle. SO, for the Notebook that is dedicated to the room I spent a hundred bucks last month and bought the MAX. memory I could get (only has room for 2 gigs) and I bought the best.  I also bought a notebook cooler with 3 fans to put under it and keep it a bit cooler (good idea. Summer is coming).  Now, for my main computer, this is what I have come up with…  I am maxed out on memory but I basically put NOTHING on this computer, so there is not much need for the size of the hard drive.  In the past I have used Veloci-Raptor 10,000 rpm hard drives and I must admit they are lightning  fast. But as all Ferrari’s go, they do indeed burn out. These days you can get them for a hundred a piece which is a good deal. So, I am going to order 2 of them and raid them together so that I can get the speed up greatly. The next thing is installing windows 7 OS.   I have heard from several sources that this is the best so far and will make even older computers run faster. One other thing, and I must admit I feel like a dope for not knowing this sooner, that there are different levels of cable available.  I am pulling a TON of data across 8 monitors and 40 charts, with all kinds of apps running.  So, I called my cable company and said give me the best! And so they did. The cost? 150% more. The speed? INSANE.  I can hardly wait to get the new modem next week. I am ready to go.  Hopefully this will help.

There are other things we can do, like pulling off all programs that are unnecessary, off of our hard drives, in the add remove programs section. Or taking stuff off of start up that is not needed. Cleaning cache, disk defragmenting, etc…. I also like malwarebytes program to remove possible hidden spyware type garbage.  I WISH I could just upgrade my processor (if you can your lucky, do it)  but the socket is old and I cannot upgrade.  If you can upgrade, a quad core processor can be had for just a few hundred or so. Nice bang for the buck! So, my advice is: take a look at your current system and decide on its strengths and weaknesses.  Make a list of upgrades and the cost and evaluate if it is worth it. Perhaps for just a few hundred or so, you can get MAJOR advantages in speed and performance.  Consider upping your cable (they had one for just $20 more per month, that was a very great increase in speed).

Oh, and all of us have unneeded junk sitting around in our attics, cellars and basements.  CLEAN your house, gain space and make some cash by dumping it on E-bay so you can buy an extra monitor or two. These days they are so cheap. under $150 can get you some nice real estate space for those much needed charts!

And for those that never read my article on backups. Consider getting a cheap backup notebook to run your broker on if your main puter crashes during a trade. Remember to have your brokers dealing desk on speed dial on your cell, in case of an emergency. And have a backup mouse and keyboard stored, just in case you ever spill coffee or something happens. Hey, you never know.  Last week I had a mouse go bad, and it “double clicked” without my control.  No kidding. I would look to short 100K and would short 200K.  Or I would close a position and instead of buying back a hundred K it would get me LONG when all I wanted was to get out of a short.  I paid more in commissions in a few hours than a mouse is worth that is for sure!  SO, be prepared.  🙂  Till next time.  Happy trading.  Michael Storm aka Robinhood.

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