Golden Crashes in Forex Market

In today’s Daily Analysis, Chris shows us some recent moves in the market and gives us his take on them.




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  • Chris Svorcik

    Hi Mike, Nathan is out of office this week and he would be better in helping you than I. I forwarded your message to him though. Thanks! Chris

  • Mike Smith

    I would very much appreciate your feedback on the quiet time trading stategy. I tested it on the EURCAD and GBPCAD as recommended on 23/24 June but lost on both trades. Could you please confirm that you also lost on this occasion just to give me confidence in knowing that I am doing it right. What I have noticed is that the spread is quite wide meaning that the price has to move quite a lot in order to make a profit. Could you also please confirm if the Catapult trading stategy video is still available on your website because I don’t seem to be able to find it. Many thanks.


  • Chris Svorcik

    Hi Andrew, I realize now 8 hours after I recorded the video that I promised you to take a look at the USDCHF and forgot. So sorry about that!!!! Please accept my apologies and I will look at that Swissy tonite ok? Thanks for your understanding! (ps. problem was that I had it written down on a yellow stick it paper but it fell from screen)