Greek Retail Sales Fall in October

The euro zone’s outlook has changed for the good over the past 6 months.

Dooms day predictions of Spain and Greece being devastated by 2013 have fallen short and the Euro’s sentiment seems to be increasing.

Draghi’s summer promise of doing “whatever it takes” along with Wolfgang’s recent “I think we have the worst behind us.” are echo

Of course risk aversion could kick in for a season actually increasing the value of the Dollar but eventually market movers and retail traders alike may opt-out of investing in the through the financial world as the U.S. Dollar is looking quite hopeless.

greece-flagGreek retail sales declined 18.1 percent year on year in October. September saw a decline of 11.8 percent. This news is obviously not positive for Greece and the euro, but the fact that Greece is still a part of the euro zone is enough to comfort Euro investors.

2013 will be sure to hold interesting circumstances and shifts in the Forex market.


Happy New Year!

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