Haiti Disaster Relief

There was recently a great crisis as a major earthquake in Haiti and we are working to bring some help to those in need. Many of you may not know that I went on a mission trip to Haiti last year. I wrote about it on this blog last year.  The church I belong to is called Living Hope Church and we are an official relief station.

When I went to Haiti last year, my team visited a man named Terry Nelson the head of Light Ministries in Carrefour, Haiti

Earlier church that I belong to along with several others were able assist in putting a large generator in thier church so because of that there is power which is very useful for assisting people in need.

* Terry is ok along with family, church and house are standing
* Living Hope is an Official Haiti Relief Station
* Last year we made a major investment to buy one of the best generators for their church we are connected with. Now they have power when no one else does.
* Greatest need is Money so we can ship in supplies.

Please do not send money to any government agency, relief agency or any ministry that you are not familiar with or one that does not have a proven track record.  As those agencies often have high overhead and might not use the money as effectively as those who have a direct connection.

This is an opportunity for you to help. If you would like to donate to Haiti just click the donate button below or send the money to [email protected] via paypal.

Here is an article to give you an idea of how much help they need.

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