Holiday Slowdown in Forex

Hello Forex Traders,

As some parts of the world already start to celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December (most notably Germany, Australia, New Zeeland, other European countries, etc), the Forex market surely slows down in its movement.

Here is the latest 1 hour chart of the GBPUSD, as price bounces up and down about 15 pips.

24- 12- 2013 gu

Even a fast moving currency pair such as the EURAUD has slowed down, albeit with some ups and downs. Those small moves are however not an easy catch.

24- 12- 2013 ea

Obviously Forex trading has its difficulties during such times and completing other activities is well worth the time. Once again, here is a potential list of important tasks a Forex trader can do, but sometimes does not do due to lack of time. Holidays are a great time to catch up / continue with other important elements besides live Forex trading. Remember, a professional sportsman spends tons of time practicing their passion, not only competing.

Read here the rest of yesterday’s article that takes a look at the majors. 

With Christmas fully in play, I would like to offer a different article than usual.

First of all, I hope that you enjoyed my Forex articles this entire year. Here is my personal favorite list of this year’s articles:

1)      The importance of time (parts  1 & 2 – January 4): explains how time can be used to judge potential price movements.

2)      Awesome Oscillator explained (January 18)

3)      Fear factor (parts 1 & 2 – February 8): explains why Forex traders have fear and how to avoid it.

4)      Impulses (March 1): read here how to judge impulse and corrections.

5)      Ultimate Guide on Stop Losses (March 29)

6)      Naked Forex trading (May 10): learn how to trade using chart patterns.

7)      How to build trading strategy (June 21)

8)      The path to Forex trading mastery (August 9): good way to see how far one is as  Forex Trader.

9)      How to define trend (September 6): an absolute must because defining the trend is so critical for every Forex trader, no matter how one trades.

10)   Tight stop losses in Forex (October 4)

11)   Trail stop loss in Forex (November 29)

12)   Personality and strengths in Forex trading (December 6): this is a very recent article but I did want to include it in the top list because it was something different than usual.

Which one did you like the most of this list? Please write it down below, would love to hear from you! Hope you have enjoyed these and other Forex educational articles and Forex analysis.

Second of all, I hope that you will (re)join the Forex trading room. There are many great trades awaiting in 2014! Read here more about why a trading room is so important. Just to give you an idea, the article is called the trading success formula in Forex.

I wish everyone a grand holiday season and a lovely week! Due to the holidays I will be back with a new article on Friday December 27th. By then I will be a year older as I celebrate my birthday on 2nd Christmas day, December the 26th.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing this Forex article and “talk soon”!

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