How I Just Doubled My Account 4 Times Last Month


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Casey Stubbs is the founder of Winners Edge Trading, which is one of the most widely read forex sites on the web. Winners Edge Trading has trained thousands of people to trade the Forex markets.

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  • Adelos

    Hi, Please send me details of joinging this double strategy to my e mail : [email protected]

  • clyde

    course fee and broker guaranteee for return massive profit
    doubling account in short time

  • Gordon

    I fall into the same boat. I only have $4,000 seed money in my account-that’s it. Any ideas on how you can help? Gordon

  • Benson,

    I actually just did that for people with smaller accounts the training was less intensive then this and didn’t get into the detail I got into with my private class. But I still did live trading. I will probably do it again after this course is finished.

  • Benson

    Casey, is it possible you also start a a program for some of us with small accounts (say $50) and who don’t have much money to pay for the “high” cost of the training? You are a very good trader and an excellent teacher. But after watching the details about the teaching/training you are about to start, I realize that I fall under the category of people who are not for this program, because the cost of the training and the amount of money to start trading with is way too high for me. I really want to be part of the class but I don’t know how I can. In fact, the cost of joining the class runs into hundreds of thousands if I am to convert it to my local currency, and I only have around $50 in my trading account ( which is already in thousands in my currency). I know you have really done a lot with this training package, but it is still totally unreachable for me ( and may be for others too).

    I am thinking may be you can help us grow our accounts so as to be able to get the fund to pay for your classes ( I am sorry if this sound some how, but I am just trying to think of a way out for people like me). Please help bridge the gap/inequality between those that can afford to pay for the class and those who may not. Don’t leave us behind….. Thanks.

  • Spreads were too high.

  • I risk a dollar amount not a percent

  • Benson I did lose a trade early on. It is impossible to win every trade.

  • Benson

    Hello Casey.. The act of doubling is really great, and it showed that you actually won every trade with the kind of trading technique you used. It will be very nice to have a technique that wins all trade. But what will you do if for some reason, you lost the very first trade you entered ( bearing in mind that you are leveraging very high )?

  • I will send out details today.

  • You can trade any session to achieve these results. As far as the class I am holding it at different times so that it is available to multiple time zones and all sessions are going to be recorded.

  • mauro benintendi

    How can I attend your class?

  • Ted

    Sorry mate but your crazy no one makes12% aday do you really think carsey would be even bovering Selling a course if he could do this don’t waste your time and money
    12% your be risking massive

  • This sounds great but does it make a difference living outside the USA regarding trading times? I live in Oz and do not want to be up all hours of the night every night if I can only trade US times.

  • smayer97

    You used to promote Tallinex. Is there a reason you do not anymore? Have you had any problems with them?

  • David I will send out details tomorrow.

  • Charles, If you open an account with Traders Way you can they accept U.S. Citizens

  • Manfred I will send out the details tomorrow.

  • Carl I will send out details tomorrow.

  • David

    How I can join to your class? I would so ready to be with it. I have lost much money on binary options…

  • Your absolutely right if you, risk that much on one trade but I might not have been clear I am talking about 10 to 50 trades to double. I only very rarely double on one trade and that is a very special trade that runs in my favor.

  • Mael Maxim

    doubling sounds great and anything is achievable ‘but’ you only have to lose one trade and you could lose a ton of money! then the question is, ‘am i prepared to lose the gains I’ve made’; sounds easier than it actually is as most people with 10 grand wont risk it on a trade to double it. Just a thought….

  • Pastor Charles A. Floyd, II

    Hello Casey. You are using 500:1 leverage in the screen shot. US traders are limited to 50:1. How can US traders use your method(S) with such low leverage?

  • Pastor Charles A. Floyd, II

    Casey, I noticed that you areusing leverage of 500:1. S traders are limited to 50:1. How can US traders double their accounts using your methods?

  • Manfred

    I am very interested. How can I attend your class?

  • bbmilo

    Hi Casey, I noticed in one of your rules for doubling you mentioned planning out exact risk that would need in order to double. What do you prefer 2% or 5% ?

  • Carl Schmidt

    I would love to hear more how about how to do this Casey!!! Thanks

  • Everyone is different some people will be able to do it during the class, some willl take some time after. And some will never do it. It all depends on the person, but I am going to do it live in front of everyone during the class.

  • Jovita

    Great stuff but how long do you think it will take someone to get to this level of doubling after attending your class?