How to Trade the News

News Trading

We have had a great week trading the news and I have been getting alot of requests on how to do solid news trading. This week inside the trading room we have had 3 news trades and won all 3 of them. Tomorrow we are getting ready to trade the Non Farm Payrolls.

I did a video with instructions on how to trade the news tomorrow and I also go over the trade I made today as well as gave you a quick glance from some of the traders that are using our Strike 3.0 software.

Right now the Strike 3.0 Tools just went through another big upgrade and if you want to try it out just check out the link below.



Try the Strike 3.0 Tools

  • New Upgrade Coming out to include:
  • New Scanner with customize-able pairs.
  • New Trend Tool with complete exhaustion time frames.
  • New Training Courses with complete training.
  • Trading Room Access Monday through Friday



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