How to Use The Forex Power Indicator Plus Trade Setup

The Forex Power Indicator Is a Free Tool that we use to find the strongest trends.

Watch the Video below to learn how we use that tool and a nice setup on the NZD USD


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  • ambrose

    i trade on the daily time frame, and when i check your Power Indicator for strength of currency pairs at the close of the day’s candlestick, it will show pairs that are strong and weak. Before the close of the day’s candlestick, your Forex Power Indicator will show another pairs as strong and weak. This creates confusion. As a swing trader, the strength of pairs display on the daily time frame on your Forex Power Indicator should remain stable and not fluctuating within the formation of the candlestick.

    Maybe there is something i have not gotten right with the usage of your Power Indication.

    Thank you and your reply shall be appreciated.