I Thought I Could Be A 4x Trader?

This is the Tree Dude Tony.

I am excited to introduce Tony, forex trader extraordinaire.

Tony is an average working man that thought he would give Forex Trading a try. It was not easy for Tony he has traded for 4 years and has been through many forex guru programs and has the empty bank account to prove it.

Not everyone is a Forex Pro, there are many average traders that try to make it trading. After many years and thousands of dollars later Tony has finally learned to trade profitably. His articles are focus on you the average person trying to get ahead in life. He will be sharing his challenges and struggles and how he overcame them to be a profitable trader. So he will be writing from the tree climbers/farmer/dump truck driver/ whatever else you can think of point of view.

So Please give Tony a warm Winners Edge Trading Welcome and write lots of comments to his first article.

So here is Tony S…..

Casey Stubbs — Winners Edge Trading

I Thought I Could Be a 4x Trader?

Tony –
Well, I am one of the most unlikely cats for that one. On any clear day you may catch me in a tree taking down a dead branch, to climbing under a tractor and hooking up a Rototiller.
Trading the 4x is not something you would think is possible for me. When I asked my accountant “what did he think about me learning something else like 4x, because I’m getting too old to climb trees” He firmly said “you’re nuts don’t do it! There is nothing about you that is like a trader”.
I was one of the kids that snuck through the school system. Now days they have all kinds of support for the ones that need it. Back then I didn’t see the need for studying and learning.
Heck I was going to be a farmer what do they need to know? Well we all make mistakes and as you will get to see, I make more than most.  I am a landscaper/tree surgeon that specializes in building pastures for the equine industry in south east Pa. I grow turf for food for horses. The trick is I can’t use the typical chemicals you would on your normal lawns since horses eat this stuff. So I learned how it was done in nature and copied it.
That being said I work mostly when it is not during inclement weather and muddy out.  I don’t punch a 9 to 5 time clock. Work is done when work is done, if that is at 4 am because of emergency tree work or 30 hours straight because of snow plowing so be it. I come form a mind set that the buck stops here. I have to get it done or I don’t get paid. But time works against us all and as I get up in the morning I’m getting a little slower. I find myself poring just one more cup of coffee before I go out and repair a broken conveyor for the firewood pile.
So it’s time to start thinking of making a living not just with my hands.  Something I can do on a rainy day or if I want to sleep in on a Saturday.
So I started in 2004 watching the TV commercials about the 4 x markets. Sure looks easy the way they lay it out. Just plunk down so much money and follow the program and you will retire next week. The hook was set and I started my migration to the 4x market and as I have said before it was probably one of the more painful routs I could take.Join me over the next few articles where I will share some of the pitfalls of  the choices  I made along the way along with some of the solutions I chose, and perhaps someone can see that 4x trading is not just for a few but can be for most any one, even a tree dude.
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