I’m Short on EUR/GBP

Finally some breaks today, and I grabbed a EUR/GBP Short. Here’s Why:

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  • Sherman Cater

    Another great presentation. I wonder what you wait for to make your entry. I assume you wait for the pair to make it’s move.

  • Paul

    Many thanks for your Daily Analysis Nathan, excellent content as always

    Glad you joined me in the EUR GBP!
    I also found a trigger for GBP NZD short and remain long (part position) on USD JPY.

    The CAD JPY has caught my eye (potential long back to the recent high, looking at last weeks weekly and yesterday daily candle formations), only about 1:1 risk / reward, but should it break through (as you showed the USD JPY might) then you’ld be well positioned for a greater move. I wondered if you ever trade this cross?

    Finally glad you mentioned the USD CHF, it’s one of my favourites to trade, as it very often moves in clearly defined ranges, with good risk/reward potential. I am annoyed it caught me napping this week!

  • Johann

    Thank you Nathan, you make it sound easy and understandable, I am learning a great deal from you. Appreciate!!!

  • Nice analysis, especially how you laid out the EUR/GBP trade… .

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Naz! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • naz

    fantastic analysis nathan good luck with that eurgbp short