Important News Alert: Australian Economy Adding Jobs

The new reports will mimic similar ones recently released
regarding the Aussie dollar, the unemployment rate, and the employment
change. The Australian dollar has been rising as of late, and it recently
reached 82.5 cents American. That trend could continue after the announcement on Wednesday that the jobs market exploded with 37,000 new jobs.  

With this news the Pair could see a move to the .8400 level as the U.S. Seems to be losing some momentum as well.

On the Technical Analysis side of things the .84 number is where the .23 Fibonacci level is at and could see be a target for some short term long setups.

I am currently long $Aud/Usd since .8100 and will be looking to hold until the .84 level at which point I will be taking profits.  Tweet This

Aud Dollar


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