Introducing the New Risk Calculator!

Nathan shows off the new Risk Calculator



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  • Y Il Ber

    thats is good

  • Frank Lobach

    Fantastic .It is great that you have made one of the biggest reasons traders, especially new ones, fail, now be a thing of the past.Calculating all that manually was a real headache and so easily done incorrectly too.
    Thanks again Nathan,great work, much appreciated believe me.Frank Lobach

  • Lindsay

    Terrific Nathan.
    Well worth using and very simple 

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Bruce. thanks for the feedback, we will look into making that change!

  • Nathan – The Risk tool should also have a field to designate what 1 lot size is. For example I have a mini lot account which means 1 lot =$10000 of currency.