Japanese Yen Weakness in the Forex Market Continues

Is a 97.00 USDJPY something that we could see in the next couple weeks?

After the new BOJ Governor’s first press conference, Yen weakness prevailed in the market and investors are selling Yen in expectation of further weakening.

In recent months it has been predicted that the USJPY will go to 100.00. Making it’s way into the 96’s and then retracing some, many may have thought it’s weakness subsided. As of today though, it would appear that the Yen’s weakness is far from over.

JPY Daily Chart

First Press Conference for new BOJ Governor Kuroda

Many influential decisions were made at the meeting: The BOJ is to “conduct money market operations so that the monetary base will increase at an annual rate of JPY 60 trillion to JPY 70 trillion”. Also, the BOJ is to combine their bond buying programs to buy JGBs with up to 40 year maturities. Bond holdings are to rise to 50 trillion Yen annually.

Japanese Yen Weakness in the Forex Market

The radical Yen weakener, Japan leader Shinzo Abe and the brand new BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda seem to unashamedly want to decrease the value of the Yen.

With their words carrying more weight than anyone else in Japan, it is likely that they will get what they want. Investors who have taken advantage of the Yen short since November have to be very happy right now and there is a high probability of the Japanese Yen weakness continuing.

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