Forex Trading Journal:Last day of the Month

Hello, Traders the first month of the Forex trading journal is coming to a close and it has been a large success in my opinion because of all the great feedback I have received so far. This journal has helped me to find only high quality trades so far. Remember to follow me on twitter to get on the entries early.

To recap my monthly trades so far let me post my monthly totals here:

trade log jun 30

trade log jun 30

The stats say it all. I had a great month and I hope to show you how you can get this kind of month every month. So keep following along to get a great forex education.

The funny thing about this is I started the month with a loss and after that I made some solid trades. This entire process has been a great learning opportunity for me and for all that have been following along. You can follow the entire month by clicking here.

The Last trade of the month will be Gbp/Usd the price has bounced off of a downward trendline so this is going to be a long trade

Look at the chart for the details.

June 30

June 30

The key to this is to watch that trend line, it can still go either way here. I remember a trade earlier in the journal I ended up losing because I did not wait for the bounce to happen.

Make sure to follow me on twitter so you can see how this trade plays out.

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