Learn How to Plan A Trade: USDJPY

Planning your trade

Watch as Casey Shows you the USDJPY Roadmap.

This Forex Video will show you quite simply how to plan the perfect USD/JPY Trade — Click To Tweet


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  • Thanks Colin I appreciate your feedback in knowing that it is useful to traders.

  • Trader

    Don’t trust this company! Sounds great until they lose all your money!

  • Trader

    Don’t trust this company! They’ll make it sound great and you’ll lose all your money!

  • Col

    appreciate Casey your interest in Others helping them to learn how to identify trade in the market Colin

  • Thanks Greg this is good that your sharing because I’m getting such good feedback I think we will keep forward with this type of analysis.

  • Thanks for sharing your trade idea. And for your kind words. Lets hope the trade works out for you.

  • Grzegorz314

    I must say I like Your analysis. It’s simple and I LIKE when You give suggestions and sharing Your thoughts “what to look for…”, not just a plain facts what I can also deduct. My congrats !!

  • Carol

    Hi Casey.
    I am buying the USDJPY on the 60 Minute time frame toward 121. ish.
    I approached this trade from a top down; monthly, 240, 6o minute. I know I should have included the 15 minute, but I never do, though I know I should. – Lazy Me.

    I appreciate you sending out your trades and is typical of you because you are a kind and considerate person……..and a great trader.

    I am going to Include Channels in my trades. I sometimes do, and I find them really useful.