Live Forex Trade Gbp/Usd

This is a recording of a live Forex Trade I took this week. I compiled the entire process from start to finish so that you can see how I find my trades. I will do some more of these and as I go I will get better at doing these recording so that you can. Watch the video below to see how this live trade went down.
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  • X7877

    Thanks for posting this.

  • Tijani Sheidu

    In fact, you are too much. your trading strategies & report are so educative and informative. I am using it on the demo & it has never fail once. I am trading demo because i have lost heavily in fx to the extent that I have no money to go for live now but I am happy to have come across people like you. with your fx report, training & strategies I will be confident to go for live again any time I have money. thanks for the wonderful job you are doing. keep it up. Best regards!

  • Tradertango

    Very big SL because this is counter trend type of trade. There is no need for that type of trade to be profitable.