Live Trade and Easy 123 Trading Strategy

123 trading strategy
Today we are looking at the USD/Cad for a short trade.

Watch the Video Below to see why we took the trade and the strategy we used as well.

please Leave your comments on what you think about this trade below.

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  • Jason

    Always on the lookout. Right now I have my eye on GBPAUD in particular a zone between 9535 and 9475 where a nice buy could be in order for a re-test of that 2.0000 all time high level. I beleive that the “good news budget” released from Australia is just a reason for lower prices and will be outweighed by continued Sterling strength as GBPUSD continues it’s path back to 1.6000ish… Time will tell but that’s one possible trade I have on my radar.

  • Thanks Jason, it did work out pretty good, I appreciate you coming back and sharing. Lets see if we can find some new trades.

  • Jason

    I wanted to pop back in and say great stuff on your USDCAD trade. After yesterday’s weak daily close I knew you were probably in for some good sellers action today to move you towards your target. Thumbs up!

  • Jason

    Well over the last 3 days we have printed a LL, LH pattern on the daily chart so I guess that could be in your shorts favor. Let’s see what next week brings. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.

  • Thanks Jason, I agree it could be a tough battle right now but I got the trade on so lets see what happens now 🙂

    Appreciate the positive comment we are here for traders so its glad people are noticing.

  • Jason

    It appears that after that second bounce from 1.2 seen back on May 6th higher prices are in order and shorting into that may be a tough battle for the near term. 1.2325 will mosy likely be seen in the near future. PA will be the key at that level to decide whether a short is in play or if further upside will be seen. Great video and I love everything you guys are doing here at Winner’s Edge Trading! Many thanks!