Major Euro Reversal Signs!

The Euro Collapsed today across the board… Reversal or Fake?

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  • NathanTucci

    Hey Paul, will check that out in the next analysis and see what we have, thanks for the feedback!

  • NathanTucci

    Phil, I agree that the Euro has a lot more potential to move up.. so far, already seeing strength resuming, so we will see how much further it can go.

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Paul, thanks so much, that means a lot to us!! Glad to have you hear!

  • Phil

    Thanks Nathan , Yes lots of interesting potential trades setting up

    Alot of the Euro crosses will be decided when and if i the Eur can resume its uptrend, i think it has more upside potential, but it may not find support until the 1.33s.

  • Paul

    Paul, Hi Nathan new one on the block. I’m liking the analysis, good information.I let two of my friends know about your website cause it’s very helpful thank you.

  • Peter

    Hi Nathan,
    Great analysis of the major pairs for the Euro “Retracements?”

  • LOU


  • Paul

    Hi Nathan
    Thank you so much for another great analysis
    I wonder as Eur Usd has posted a new swing high if its worth putting your fib levels on the last up swing to see if any of them are con fluent with your up trend line and / or recent support resistance level (both for targets for those brave enough to be short right now and as level to watch price action to rejoin the dominant up trend)
    I don’t think Eur Gbp broke Fridays low, so we don’t quite have the same opportunity on that pair yet

    Thanks again best

  • Ian D Edwards

    Good commentary on this Monday’s market response to the ‘big mover Friday’ and some ideas for how this week might develop.

  • Fathi Ibrahim Fahmy

    It’s good News, I hope all the success for all and me also