Massive Breakouts to Trade!

Well guys, no doubt USD was king this week and it create massive breakouts which I believe will be great trading opportunities:

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  • Hi Nathan brilliant analysis, thank you very much, have anice w/e.

  • Paul

    Great analysis Nathan
    I hope you were as successful on the golf course at the weekend as you are at trading

    Certainly some decisive USD strength across the majors last week, it will be interesting to watch the key levels for exhaustion and retracements, or breaks, retests for continuations as this week unfolds

    thanks again for all your dedication

  • Peter G

    Great to hear your analysis Nathan next week can you add the EUR/JPY please.

  • Johnathon Schulz

    Awesome analysis. ty.

  • Richard

    Good work Nathan;
    One question please , you use the weekly charts for your analysis, which time frame to you use for your entry point?

  • Geoff

    Nathan, as always a fantastic suumary of the weekly moves.
    The number of engulfing candles this week is amazing… should make for some interesting trades this week

  • Craig

    That weekly EURUSD looks suspiciously like a bull crown….

  • Eric Lambert

    Also I’m really thinking of finding a way that I can join your services there at Winners edge but most importantly I want to be able to work with you because the way you explain things and the way you draw your lines whether it is support resistance or your weekly support resistance levels lines and then coming down to shorter time frame charts and look for entry opportunities. The way you explain things and the vocabulary you use is teaching me a lot Nathan. I wished there were a way to pay some down and the rest in monthly payments possibly. I want to keep improving on my visual recognition of the charts the same way you view them and the way I draw my lines on the charts. And I feel if I spend even just six months to a year working with you I will not be so hesitant on trading more when there are legit trade setups that is. And knowing how to recognize the good trade setups and when there is none present at all. I hope there is some way I can work with you guys. My goal is to grow my account of 38K to at least 76K or better yet 114K and if I’m comfortable on taking more of these trend line breaks with failed retests and continuations but most of all just knowing exactly what’s going on whether its a tight Chanel break or a triangle line break or whatever the case. I just feel I can become a much much better trader investor once I’ve had the chance to work with you in this aspect of my whole analysis level of experience where I’m at now. I think I know more than I realize but I’m nervouse about taking trades so e times and then a lot of times they do great and a lot of them you went over as great trade setups that came to pass. So hopefully I can work with you soon as can be the case sir. Also do you think it’s best to wake for the London open so to take advantage of best entry for trade opportunities?

    Thank you for your great work my man.

  • Eric Lambert

    I’m thinking to watch to see if the audusd has a failed retest of the trend line it broke thru with a pinbar then if feel more comfortable to short it. Also watch very closely the gbpusd to see if it breaks thru that weekly trend line with a fail retest with a pinbar for an entry. Or long like you also discussed it possibly doing if weekly trend line holds.

  • Eric Lambert

    Great analysis Nathan! Questions for you my man? I’m looking for a retest of broken trend line for both the eurjpy and Gbpjpy and if retest fails with a pinbar candle I’d be interested in going long on them both possibly. Also I see the potential for trades on the audusd gbpusd.