Monthly Analysis

Hey Guys, being that it is the 30th of the month, I thought we’d cover some monthly charts today:

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  • NathanTucci

    Yeah, Josh, I agree.. Looking over those monthly charts is so fun–takes so much noise out of the market, doesn’t it? … I don’t know what the longest trade I have ever held is, but I know it is at least a few months.

  • NathanTucci

    Meretene, it seems to be working for everyone else 🙁 … Maybe try a different browser.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks for checking it out, Richard!

  • NathanTucci

    Hey John,. here is an article I wrote to help explains how pairs work:

  • john, to answer your question, when you think the usd currency is heading down you buy the eur/usd and you can sell the usd/cad. when the currency pair is in the base position you sell, if it’s in the second position, you buy. there is no usd/eur and no cad/usd.

  • Josh Mac

    Nathan – that was awesome. Loved looking over the monthly. It is tempting to want to put on a long trade and watch it over a one year span! What is the longest trade you have ever done? One month, three months, longer?

  • John

    Interesting analysis Nathan. I still get a little lost
    with the order of major pairs! For example the emphasis is on the base currency
    – which is usually the USD. OK, so say I want to sell USD against the EUR? I
    short by clicking the sell button. However, my confusion is when I want to do
    the same with the CAD against the USD! When I go to my broker button the pairs
    are in the opposite order i.e. USDCAD rather than CADUSD! Now I still was to
    sell or short the USD against the CAD. With the base now CAD and the terms USD
    which approach do I take?

    It seems easy with pairs like EURUSD as you simply hit SELL on the base but when the USD becomes the terms, I find I’m a little doubtful as shorting [by hitting the sell] means I’m doing
    something back to front I.E. I’m shorting the CAD rather than the USD.

  • Richard

    I’m a newbie. Very good chart analysis

  • Meretene

    Video not working!!! whats up Nathan?