Never Take a Trade Because of Fear of Missing Out

In today’s video I took a trade that was timed poorly. The reason I made the decision to enter and break my rules was because I was afraid of missing out on the profit on the trade. I am sharing this because it was a good lesson that I already knew and sometimes I have to learn lessons over and over again. Fortunately for me I ended up on the positive side on the day but not because of good trading but because of luck. I don’t want to be lucky I want to be a disciplined trader. I know that lucky traders eventually lose so I am going to chalk this one up as a lesson learned that I won’t make this mistake again.

Watch the Video and share a comment about a time you learned a valuable trading lesson.

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  • Ferdinard

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  • No I always add just not with this aggressive risk.

  • Mike Wells

    Thanks. Outside of a trading comp, would you typically add to positions that move against you like you did here (if you remained confident of the direction), or would you typically just use a stop loss on the one position?

  • Mike,

    I picked a common level that I like to use based on whole numbers, but truthfully I was just lucky this day, and sometimes to win a trading competition it takes a little bit of luck. 🙂

  • Great, IT is good to have some solid rules.

  • Femi,

    Those are custom indicators that I built but it is based on the RSI so if you use the RSI it is similar. Not exactly the same but similiar.

  • Mike Wells

    Hi Casey, Thanks for the video. Can I ask how you determined the stop loss placement before the low was formed (that you ultimately showed your stop beneath)? I sometimes adopt the same strategy of adding a few positions to a trade that initially goes against me which often ends in profit, however the odd one can keep going for a big loss. Thanks

  • Femi Solomon

    I made this mistake too yesterday on NZDUSD, and I think this gonna be my 10th commandment(I have 9 already)

  • Femi Solomon

    Hello Casey, I’be been really following your trading system (price action) quite some time now, how can I get your the two indicators. Thanks