NFA Regulations Won’t Make That Much Difference

The new NFA regulations have been talked about a great deal over the last month. The rules are getting ready to start and when the rules take place most traders will not be affected that much. The ones that are affected will be able to implement tools that the brokers will be able to provide that will enable them to trade the strategies that they have always traded.

Get ready because the change starts Aug 1.

Now, I think that this is a big deal not because of the rules change but because the government is messing with the Forex Market. The government is so corrupt and inefficient that they should not regulate anything except themselves.

Forex Crunch conducted a poll that states that 70% of traders will be switching brokers. I am not willing to switch yet, I am waiting to see how the trading works than I will make the decision on whether I will switch or not.

Either way don’t react just because everyone is making a big deal about this instead make an informed decision based on what happens as a result of the rules change.

A good broker that won’t change is Easy Forex because they are not regulated by the NFA

There is more information on the subject at this article on Daily Forex

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