NY Time October Results

Mark Thomas– Trade On Track

Here’s another NYTime trading system update, now that we’re at the end of October.

I wasn’t able to grab the figures for the last day (31st) because the day hadn’t been closed off yet.  Apart from that though, the month has seen moderate profits of around 8.3% return.

Here’s a list of the trades that were triggered, along with their returns:

There were a couple of losses at the end of September which brought our trade risk level down to zero, based on our money management rules.  So, we’re starting the month of October with a zero risk figure – which is a good thing because there was a string of losses early on.  A few profitable days in the middle of the month sees the strategy pull in front to over $1200 on our initial $1000 investment, but that backed off to $1083 by the end of the month.

Our maximum drawdown for the month was 11.6% ($1225.90 dropping down to $1083.13), so we were fortunate to finish reasonably well for the month. Not up to our calculated average return of 12% return per month, but perhaps things will come good in November.

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