NZDUSD Decision Point (Comment Contest)

Hello Traders!

Today, I wanted to do something fun and helpful at the same time.

Please note that this does require action on your part, but the action is really simple!

All you have to do is look at the NZD/USD chart posted below and give an opinion.

There is NO such thing as a bad or wrong opinion.

(I’ve purposely done almost no analysis here in order to leave it wide open for your opinions)



The Contest:


1. Leave a comment

Your comment will state whether you think the NZD/USD is currently an opportunity to 1. Buy into the Weakness for a massive reversal or 2. Selling through recent support for the next big bearish surge.

Even if you don’t think either one is a good idea at the moment, pick one and plead your case anyway! 🙂


2. Give your own analysis in written text or using your own chart images.

Use Fibonacci, moving averages, pivot points, the moon and the starts, the flip of a coin, WHATEVER you want to make your case (even if you are not an experienced trader) and post it in your comment.


3. We’ll choose a Winner

After the comments come in, we’ll pick a winner based on the comment we liked best (maybe even multiple winners). 


The Winner will Receive:

3 Months of Access to our Live Trading OR 3 Months of Access to our Signals OR 3 Months of Access to copying our personal trades (their choice) at absolutely no cost.


Leaving a comment is Quick and Easy:

– You can either create a quick profile OR just use the “Guest” option when you post the comment for the quickest option.


Remember, all you have to do to be eligible to win the prize is leave a comment with your own opinion about the NZD/USD (weekly chart).

We are not going to judge you on whether we agree or not. Or whether the pair goes the way you predicted. 

We are simply going to pick our favorite (maybe a few) based on our own liking… you could win us over with impressive analysis.

Or you might even win Casey over with some good humor.

Who knows? 

The point here is to make it fun and worthwhile and hopefully to help us all learn something along the way.

Ready, Set, GO!


Just leave your comment directly below.

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