Oracle Bonus

My Personal Bonus

This is where it gets interesting. I want to help you out and I believe that Oracle Trade can be a perfect addition to any traders game plan. So to make sure that you understand that I personally recommend this software I am going to give several bonuses to anyone that buys the program from my link.

Bonus #1 I am going to give you one month free of our premium service a (Value of $149)

Bonus #2 I am going to give you a 50% discount on My Advanced Forex Course which is coming out in 2 months. (Value of $999)

Bonus # 3 I am going to give you 1 hour of mentoring from me. Where I answer any question you may have. (Value of $250)

* if you are opted into another list before you opted in for mine then you do not qualify all purchases will be checked via the master list.

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