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This is an  important post because if you read the whole thing you can get alot of stuff.  So read it all and do what I ask and you can get stuff. However, to start I wanted to share some more info about the Oracle Trader because I have been getting some additional questions. The first one I am getting seems silly to me but it is the one I must address first because people have been asking that the most.

  • Is it a scam?

No, it is not a scam and yes the product really does work. Plus with the trading room and education they are offering this is the real deal.

  • What is the cost?

I can’t answer that but I know whatever it is, will pay for itself.  I would like to think of it as an investment because if you use the product successfully you will make much more then the initial investment. I also know for certain that they are having massive discounts so now is the time.

  • Is it too difficult to use?

It took me a little bit of practice to use it but with the help of their staff I got the hang of it.

  • Will I have time to use the software?

Since you only trade a couple of times a week. It does not take a huge amount of time to use actually it takes very little time.

  • Can I use it despite being unsuccessful in the past?

This question is up to you, because everyday is a new day. With the right discipline and mindset you can make this strategy one that works for you.

I need to hear from you

This blog revolves around you the trader. I can’t do anything without you and that is why I am always asking for feedback and Ideas. So now is no different. I would like for you all to click on the video below and watch the video and then tell me your personal thoughts on how the Oracle Trader would help you trade better.  Then sign up your email on the site to get the free software they are offering as well as an invitation to their free webinar (which I will be attending, I hope to see you there)

If you sign up with your real email and post your comments I will give a one month subscription free to the comment I feel is most useful to the trading community.

P.S. I am going to be revealing my personal Bonus tomorrow for this software which is going to be huge so you will not want to miss that.

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  • school grants

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  • tradeprofits

    Actually I didn’t intend to throw a comment here, as I am promoting this thing as well, but there are some things which I would like to comment on. First of all, spike trading has been around for a long time, and it is true that I did work very well some 5 years ago. Dustin´s Oracle Trader has also been around for a long time (earlier named RSS if I remember correct). I have tried the software before, and now I am doing it again and I think it is fair to say that there is nothing wrong with the “strategy” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the software (oracle trader) as it works exactly as Dustin says it does. It is fast and it will click on your trading platform automatically faster than human possible. Because of this I think it is wrong to call this a scam. The thing works and it works very good. Now getting the news as fast as you do with the oracle trader is expensive itself, where Bloomberg and Reuters platform probably are some of the most know ones. You can get TradeTheNews as a cheaper option, but just remember that you get this, even though you don’t want to use the auto clicking feature. Can you make money with it? Yes, you simply have to use the “right” broker. This might not be an easy job, but as Oracle trader “allows” auto clicking on four different platforms your chances are.. well I would say that they are pretty good. If you have four different account (read: four different brokers) and enabled the auto clicking for each one of them, chances are that one of them will get executed without too much slippage . Obviously you have to do some research but I don’t think this is too much to ask for is you can get a good entry. Besides, if you go with a broker who allows you to put an upper and lower bound, you can definitely minimize the risk of a bad trade. I now that there is a big promotion of his software right now and obviously everyone is jumping the bandwagon as there is some affiliate commission at the end of the tunnel. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. I am going to use it, and I think that a lot of people could benefit from this. But sure, I understand the skepticism when everyone all of this sudden is promoting spike trading, when this was the thing 5 years ago, and specially when it has a high price tag. But as you probably have seen, you can get a free trial, so why not test it with a very low amount of money and see how it works with your broker, and go easy on it. Hope I didn’t offend anyone here as that surely isn’t my intention, and I am not trying to push anything down in people’s throats. I just think it might be worth a couple of minutes for you to check it out, as if this does work with your broker then ..well then it’s pretty awesome, I think.

  • Nigel

    Oracle could be good for me. I am a highly technical trader, this software is great as it collates all the fundamental issues concisely in a very easy and assessable format. People rubbishing this software as spike trading are missing some valuable aspects of the system as spikes are always followed by some great short term technical set ups. The broker issue is legitimate but I think the increasing competition between the brokers could help here.

    Finally I would like to say the negative comments while containing some reasonable and objective issues go way to far when questioning Caseys integrity and commitment to his readers. These comments come across as vindictive.

  • sperrylzx….

    I am new to forex but I have tried oracle, and I must say it depends on the trader himself to see if it works for him.
    As for Dustin, Im not defending him but you all should spend some time to read all the threads in peace forex. He has explained very clearly btw himself and IBFX.
    Right now, I am now giving up on oracle, having lost quite a sum doing forex on my own.
    Just one question, I received the software for free.
    May I know if there is a trial period?
    Thanks Casey for your advise these months, I have been enjoying your comments.
    Keep up.

  • You are right it is never easy to trade forex even if you have a great system you still have to apply the system and be disciplined.

    But you are wrong saying that I dont care because I do that is why I have been testing this system and have posted the results. I had trouble with it at first but then had 3 successful trades. Now I know 3 trades doesnt mean the system works it could still be a total fluke.

    You are also wrong when you say I won't spend my own money on it. In order to make sure that this is the real deal I am going to be purchasing all the training when it is released. I am going to continue to trade the system long term and monitor the results. After extensive research and testing I will pull the plug on the whole thing if it doesnt look good.

    So keep posted I am going to post the response I get from Oracle trader about these Scam allegations.

  • I agree brokers is a main issue and I haven't tried a slow internet connection but I highly recommend a high speed connection for any type of trading.


  • I appreciate the comments and like I said previously I am going to contact Oracle Trader and see what they have to say about this.


  • Addy,

    This is a great comment and I am going to personally contact them and get an answer on this matter and I am going to post their response here. I was not aware of these allegations.

    Was this you that this personally happened to?

  • Thanks for your comment.

  • atuc

    *Forgot to mention I completely agree with Addy and hadn't noticed that link was already posted, nonetheless every person considering throwing their money on this should have a long hard think and consider whether they want to walk in the old worn out shoes of many losers past and later regret following Casey's recommendation to pursue Dustin's gimmicky baseless products.

  • atuc

    I can bet my bottom dollar Casey himself will not be risking any 'significant' money on the “oracle-trader” system. This is a very transparent e-marketing arrangement thats being pursued here and nothing more. This will undoubtedly lead to naive people losing money and it seems Casey is just fine with that or convinced himself its just harmless, far from it when people out there see you as a credible source which may not be the case soon.

    Dustin Pass has marketed a few gimicky things now and this one is probably the scammiest of them all.

    Its a screaming red flag when someone presents trading to be “THAT EASY”… $2500 just like that!

    Have a read of this link here and consider whether any conscionable person/trader would write a POA agreement as he did to take advantage of his investors. This thread is on a managed account Dustin ran:

  • Addy

    Further more… News spike trading is an old concept (3-4 yrs ago) atleast in forex terms. Thousands of threads and posts have been burned in several top forex forums discussing the nuances of the concept and they all have died a silent death, the conclusion being it doesn't work because the brokers wont allow you. It used to work perfectly 5-6 years ago when brokers were still getting to grips with this , but once they saw what was hitting them, they have closed it down.

  • Addy

    My opinion is that you are staking your good reputation unnecessarily and in the wrong place. Dustin Pass doesnt have a sound reputation in the market and after having read a lot about him and his business and tools, i am wondering why you would recommend him and what kind of due diligence do you do prioir to recommending it to your subscribers.
    If you are new to news spike trading, then i agree that you are still watching wide eyed at the videos posted by Dustin on his site or the few trades the software has taken for you. Believe me, no broker tolerates spike trading. They will allow you the occassional few pips with slippage a few days, but one day your world will come crashing down. Your order will be placed at the top of the spike and you wont be able to exit your trade until it is down a couple hundred pips. There will be no recourse for you and you will be left staring at the huge hole in your account.
    Why do i say so you ask ??? I have been there and done news trading a long time ago(3-4 yrs ago) with all the availble tools in the market including an earlier tool by Dustin and several other better and competing tools. Unless you can show me a broker that will allow you spike trading, this is all just a waste of time. Spike trading in the purest form is a 100% zero risk trade where you will alway be right if done correctly. Hence the need for brokers to block this practice by slippage,freezing the platform,widening the spreads etc.

    Seriously, i have great respect for you based on your service here and the great traders you have here that moderate the trading. I hope you will take a second look and do some better due diligence before recommending something to your subscribers.

  • Raikon09

    i think the main problem still getting the requote from the brokers. unless you can find those brokers that doesn't requote you often, then i think you can use this s/w successful. One more thing, i think the internet connection speed is an issue also. Just my 2 cents.

  • English_tyro

    I agree with Amir. Any one shows that trading forex is so easy (matter of 7 seconds), this is 100% scam and very very far from reality.

    Casey, you have a good reputation.. so I hear you..

  • Those are all excellent points. Let me address them.

    1. The system is automatic but not fully automatic. You have to set it up then once it is setup then they software will place the trade. That is how you get in instantly.

    2.As far as exiting you must exit yourself but that is where they help you because they tell you good spots to exit.

    3. I have never had a broker reject closing a trade unless there was a bug of some kind. If your broker does not close trades I would get a new broker.

    4. The biggest pitfall to brokers is the widened spread at the time of the trade but if you set your orders properly you can get in without have the spread be too bad.

  • amir

    i know u r trying to help out newbie as well as professional traders and your reputation is solid and that's y this is the only software i'm considering..however, i'm concerned about the speed of things here…for example, entering, exiting trades, taking partial profits and leaving some that could turn into losses…it's all happening so fast…by the time i respond to what they r saying in the trading room i might not get the best results out of the software…my understanding that this is not a fully automated software. i guess that's y i need Dustin's trading sounds like the software itself might need someone like Dustin or seasoned traders to react in these seconds….in that video when he said ''Done'' was he the one exiting or the software did it?..if the software did exit, how would i book partial profits and leave the trade to run for more time?..if Dustin is the one who closed the trade, by the time i respond to what he said, ''Done'', i might lose a second or two which can make me lose some good profits in those ''7 seconds''..also, i might have an execution problem and the broker might reject closing the trade and it can actually can move against me in no time…your cooperation is highly appreciated Casey