Pending Order: GBP/USD

Hey everyone! I am discussing a whole bunch of different trades in the analysis below including a GBP/USD Pending Order I just set:


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  • NathanTucci

    Thanks! Yes, I agree, the market has started to “line up” a little more for me this month and I am very happy about that!

  • NathanTucci

    haha thanks Fabrice. Yes, some pending orders lately for sure. Will be doing a series on that for the mentoring group as I have really been thinking about switching more and more of my entries to pending orders 🙂 … Lots of chat we can have about that so I am working on a whole series for the group.

  • Nick

    How many pips do you make or lose in a week,month or year(do not know how long you have been trading). It seems like you like to enter trades on limit orders rather than stop orders.

  • beergas

    Ditto. These are some pairs I’m been interested in too, esp GBP. USD/CHF acting bit
    better lately for a Long watch. Checking out new broker reco, thanks for that. TDAmeritrade has me pretty locked in on Apex cheaps for equities but not to much into them for Forex or Futs. We see.

  • Fabrice Goeyvaerts

    Waouw Nathan, that was hot stuff today! And you are setting pending orders now … what’s happening with you? 😉
    Liked the mix a lot.
    Always love to see winning trades but also your losing trades as you explained them so well.
    Tks for sharing all this,