4xp Has Gone Out of Business

In a statement released by leap rate:

LeapRate Exclusive… It seems as though retail forex broker 4XP is no longer operating, at least as far as money-in money-out is concerned.

LeapRate has been contacted by (former) 4XP clients who have been unable to withdraw funds, a theme which we’ve seen repeated on other websites. Phone calls to the company’s listed contact numbers go unanswered. And a web request for information was replied to by a third party which is giving ‘support to 4XP clients till license issues are resolved’, and only by email.

We believe that most if not all 4XP employees have been laid off.

Read More about this development here: http://www.leaprate.com/forex-industry-news/entry/4xp-shut-down-sure-seems-so.html

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