Price Still Testing Major Levels

Hey Guys, this is Nathan with your Daily Analysis.

In the market today, most of the pairs were testing major levels. You can see in the Analysis below, that the EUR/USD and GBP/NZD particularly are coming back to key areas.

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  • Diana

    that is what i thought too except it happened to me twice already.. and both times it closed the trade immediately, the moment i drag and drop the EA to the chart and i am very certain the EA button is not on. If I am not mistaken to “prevent” accident from happening, the orange line should also be greater the SL line.. however both times the orange line is exactly on current price not to mentioned it is not the close of the candle as well.. hence I do not understand

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Diana, if the expert adviser button is not turned on, it is not possible for EdgeTM to close your trade because EA’s simply have no power to do anything without that button on.

  • KAM

    Thanks for informantion

  • Diana

    I am not sure what has happen but my trade was closed by the EA when the EA is not even activated. I applied the EDGE TM on my live trade and before I can adjust it to my preferred “orange” line level, immediately my trade is closed the EA Advisor Button is not activated, this has happen twice. What is going on?

  • Shayan Khan

    Dark Cloud Cover and double top also there at EU

  • Gord.

    Thanks Nathan, great run down as always