Product Review: Oracle Trader

As many of you know I started promoting Oracle Trader software, via my email list. I wanted to make it very clear about the software and my experience with it.

Dustin’s manager contacted me several months ago and told me about a new release of their Oracle Trader, news trader software. They asked if I would promote it and I almost always say no because there are so many forex scams out there in the market these days that i don’t have time for checking every product.

However, they sent me the video and I was interested so I said sure let me test it and I will make a decision. So I tried it out and found out that the system automatically places a trade in your account based on the news release. So my first day I logged on and thought I would give it a shot. They include a live trading room where they help you to setup the software. I ended up setting the software up and I set up my broker platform wrong and the system entered into the trade and I ended up losing 61 pips! Every one else in the room was reporting large gains.

So Dustin was in the room at the time and he explained to me that I had the wrong market range setup for my broker and I just needed to adjust the setting. What happened was that my broker put my trade in at the largest possible spread at 61 pips away but there is a setting that can stop your broker from doing that. The first trade was a great lesson learned.

Since I was down 61 pips I thought this system might be more trouble then it was worth but I decided to continue on with it. I fixed the settings and did the next trade, however the next trade ended up being a no trade so nothing happened there.  Then this is where it gets a little bit funny. For the Oracle Trader to work the broker screen must be visible. I was getting ready for the news to come out and see if I could make a positive trade. Then I had everything setup and ready to go and right before the news came out an anti virus screen popped up blocking my broker screen which blocks the software from making the trade. In my frantic effort move my anti virus pop up I accidentally opened a trade on a different pair then the one I was supposed to be trading.  I immediately closed that trade for a loss of 5 pips.

For the first to trades I was down 66 pips not a good start but I could see the potential and was not willing to give up just yet. I thought I would give it one more try. Then on the next trade I had it all setup and everything worked out just as it was supposed to and I got 45 pips of profit. Almost at break even and then the next two trades after that were at +31 and +15 pips so I ended up being ahead on the system.

The first two mistakes were user error so I would say that the system works. The benefits I can see are that there is a high winning percentage with very few losses. The downside is that there are very few trades. I will continue to post my trades as I make them with Oracle Trader Software. If you follow this link and insert your email you can attend a free webinar that will give you much more info.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate.

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