Professional market manipulators!

WOW, what happened today huh?  Well, if I was “Goldie” (Goldman Sachs) and I knew that I was going to release a report like they did today ( and they knew)  I would work may way in to a rather large dollar short position across the board (my guess is they did this 24 to 48 hours in advance). For no sooner did they time that just right, but  the market shot up like crazy against the dollar.  Euro, pound, AUD.  simply amazing.  It is my belief that these people are TRADERS (gasp!)  and that they have unusual insights into the markets because of their rather large team of the “brightest and best” in the world. Not to mention their deep pockets. And, as traders, with a STRATEGY, they executed it flawlessly!   checking out the following chart we can see that there WAS a nice failure at the neckline of the 4 hour H&S (inverted) setup. Prompting some to enter fresh shorts with stops just above.

This only helped to add fuel to the fire. These shorts had to cover and cover quickly when the breakout came.  As many of my roomies know, I took a “hit” today on this pair.   Its not easy, but when this happens, we just have to hit the “delete” button and go on. It looked like a great trade, and thankfully I had a sensible stop so it wasn’t to bad.  How bad? Well, a week should recover it.  These things do happen. Stuff like this reminds me of how much I like scalping. LOL.  Going after the big kill is always fun, but, the stops can hurt too.  So, anyway…. Always remember to look at a trade from Both sides, if you can. Someone is always taking the other side of your trade.  A great trader once said to look at where the greatest danger lies.  In this case the greatest danger lay in wait to the upside. Whenever we see a short squeeze like this (and believe me it has a certain feel to it), we should really get on board.  Another trader in the room today was more “in tune” than I was. He actually recommended this as a long. But I failed to see it, even when it was happening before my eyes.  Can I blame it on being sick?  (I caught a cold)…. No, not really.  It simply got away from me and I did not get long.  Another great trader said that he made the most money when he was in a position, realized he was wrong, got out and doubled up in the other direction!  Good advice!  Lets try and keep a handle on that one.  Anyway.  If you ever get “lost” in a trade, simply killing the trade has an amazing ability to clear your thinking up quite a bit.  Good luck and happy trading all. Till next time. RobinHood.

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  • He is still hosting the trading room. He has not done many articles lately but he is very active on twitter if you want to get his analysis.

  • I thank you for your adding to this community and sharing your opinion. You know I get a ton of people contacting me every single day to sell there stuff for them. The reason is because this site gets a lot of internet traffic. When I see something good that helps I will consider it. I want to teach traders to trade with my program but I also understand that there are many other quality education and systems available. I am not so arrogant as to say that my way is the only way to be successful because I know that is not true. I want to fit the trader with the right product for them.

    Let me give you an example. I went to buy a car last month and I was looking for something large and roomy because I have a family of 8. My wife was thinking about a Honda Pilot because they hold 8. But when I went to the dealer he was asking me questions he found out that a Honda Pilot would work for me but thought that something even bigger might be better so he showed me a GMC Yukon he had on his lot. Now the Pilot would of cost much more money and earned him a higher commission. However he fit me with the lower priced vehicle that was better for me. So I was doubly thankful for one that I got a better price and 2 that I got a vehicle that was better for me. Much better. The Pilot would have worked but it would have been cramped. So he sacrificed he commission to fit what was best for me.

    That is what I am trying to do here. I dont have all the answers but I want to fit the trader with the right training,product, system, education that will fit them. Because everyone is different and different things work better for different people.

    So I hope that helps and please dont hesitate to contact me at any time for any reason.



  • James

    You are very polite. I’m admittedly rude, and I may be misunderstanding things so I’ll refrain from making future rude comments. I’m just concerned. I don’t usually see trading teachers promoting a different company’s course like in your email on Sept 21st prior to the release of Forex Mastery because to do so kind of gives the impression to their students and prospects that they don’t have everything the student needs to know. I never see someone use their email list that way before unless they are just a marketer. Teachers on the other hand usually have too big of an ego to do that. Just watch out because making these “important product announcements” can easily degenerate into a never ending circle of telling other people to spend their money. Kind of like the Government, it’s easy to be generous spending someone else’s money.

  • Thanks for the comment James.

    Why would promoting proven helpful products let this site lose credibility? I am on a mission to help traders and everything I do accomplishes just that, so my credibility increasing dramatically. Because when people purchase something from me they thank me several times over for providing top quality material.

    Thanks again for the comment.


  • James

    Michael, I think you’re very credible. I’ve got a bone to pick with this site. Every time I get an email from Casey advertising some new affiliate program this site looses credibility. Why would I want to buy anything from winnersedgetrading if Casey is selling untested products under the guise of providing us tools. The sad thing is I think that may soon spell the end of otherwise good collaboration of contributors like yourself, which would be a real loss.

  • Michael S.

    thanks for all the posts everyone. Patricia, that was just what I was saying. They KNEW they were going to release that at least 24 hours in advance if not more. They are traders. Who can blame them for coming up with a strategy and executing it? Dealers do this every day when the order books are passed to London every night and we often get stop runs and reversals. Its just a part of this market. That is why we need to keep remembering this and always look at EOD charts as well. Thanks for posting btw.

  • Patricia H.

    Hi Mike, I wbewildered too yesterday when suddenly the whole market was shorting USD despite the very good data that came out which logically supports strong USD. It kinda doesn’t make any sense, then I saw tehposting of the blog by FOrex Crunch that Goldman Sachs went on to say US needs to print another 1 Trill dlrs, the market just reacted and I suspect it was a conspiracy among the market makers to kill all the shorts in place. Who said the forex market can’t be manipulated……

  • Phillip

    some great advice and a candid admission! Thanks for the post the honesty. Very helpful!

  • Highsheriffofhell

    wow…… about absolute gibberish………….find a system with a positive mathematical expectancy and play it for all its worth……..

    Attempting to predict where the marketing is going to go is a huge waste of energy, almost as much of a waste as reading analysts’ reports…….

  • Patricio A.

    Great post, I agree with it but not with the option of double in the other could sound like martingale. I personally prefer to wait for another opportunity or even walk away and take the rest of the day off. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Pericles87

    I really had a hard day with my positíon. I had been doing really well during last few months, but this was a nightmare. I really didn´t understand what was happening, and the news where great for US dollar. O.K. I lost today. I will continue trying.

  • Ken

    Good article, not so sure newbie’s (ME) should double up though.