Quantitative Easing Explained

Hello Traders, If you are interested in learning about Quantitative Easing You should watch this video. This makes it easy to understand The Federal Reserve monetary policy. I would appreciate it if you could post your comments on this video below. I did not create this Video but I enjoyed it very much and that is why I am posting it here because I think it is of great value to Forex traders that are trying to understand exactly what the purpose of Quantitative easing really is.

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  • G4set

    Brilliant If it wasnt so serious it would be funy

  • Semprevio2002

    it seems America is doomed. People of US can’t do nothing about it?It seems Bernake is taking all the decisions in order to destroy America, not to heal it. I wonder what interests does he server. Definately not american’s interests.

  • Valubet

    Approval of my comments?

    I hope you dont send it to Ben Baernanke? He will be worried!!!

  • Valubet

    Very funny! Just what I have been saying here in the UK for some time now! I really think I should have been President and run matters from here!!! Only joking!!
    My Grandma’s better qualified – she dont even know who Goldman Sachs are?

  • Hartwellsteven

    HAHAHAHAH!!!! That was the best 6 minutes of my life… Educational and funny!!! This needs to be played in every home! Thanx for the vid mate

  • Countdownjohn

    The U.S.A are so fiercely independent that is why they are where, they are today.
    As for the ” comeback” dream ,the only thing that will arise is a beastly system where they will proceed to tag you . If you let them. Unfortunately many will because they have no understanding of the dictatorship system which has been set up.

  • Juli T

    WOW! Sounds like a comedy!!! Pity this happens to be true!

  • Jeff Portser

    worth watching all of this link by the auth0r on creature from jekyll island


  • Jeff Portser

    This is par for course in fact under the first TARP the banks were allowed to loan back to the US Treasury the almost the same amount of money they received and get a return of up 4 % and some plus, the $ given to them via TARP was virtually free $ and they also were allowed to loaned some out some at 5%. All said and done they used tax payers $. Now; here come QE2, and they use their “chosen bankers Goldman Sachs” with the non questionable ability to front run purchases that if you or i did that we would be fined or worse such as suspention of trading etc, and I provided a link for inside trading and let you decide the legality of it

    that is fodder for tax lawyers


  • John,

    Thanks for the comments I appreciate the interaction with our community.

  • smaharaj99

    Can you please post other explanations by this group of video producers?

  • Thank you for sharing some additional insight to this discussion. I will read those two links shortly.


  • Abraham Mustapha

    Food for thought, baby!

  • Countdownjohn

    Casey. I don’t think they know, I know they know. What about having a major global network . A New World Order that might make things better. Where do you think this is heading? About Twenty Years ago it occurred to me that there was going to be a massive stock market crash and it would be like no other. I shared this with a few people over the years. Had some scoffers a long the way. I wonder if they are laughing now. You got the (they are doing it anyways ) correct.
    Re:13:16: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    Re:13:17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  • dbm

    Cute clip, but misleading in that there are numerous partial truths stated. Partial truths peppered in an argument actually can be misunderstood as true when they are a falsehood.
    Regarding the former comment: gold also can become a bubble.
    My opinion is that despite the politics of the Fed, notably in this administration, and barring all of the “new world order” rhetoric, the fiercely independent U.S.A. will re-emerge strongly. The comeback, however, will not re-appear for at least 7 years. The communists must be flushed out of government and the size of federal government drastically reduced. U.S. must return power to the States, abolish or change the 26th Amendment and others which were written so as to subvert power from the people to the federal government.
    An interesting blog:

  • I think they know but they are doing it anyways.

  • Countdownjohn

    I find that virtually everyone else knows what the feds are doing is wrong . Question, So you know and they don’t know?

  • Thank you I think many people will get enjoyment from this video.

  • Thanks I completely agree a sense of humor is important.

  • Thanks for the comment please come again.

  • Grenville Benton

    Casey, Great video. Its hilarious too. However it does explain what QE is. I’m going to sebd th on to my contacts who would be intereted receiving this.

    Again, Thank you.

    Kindest regards, Grenville Benton. UK.

  • Michael Fedell

    Excellent example of the fox running the hen house.

  • Smitak111

    thanks for sharing a great video…a sense of humour is needed to help us along the way.

  • You are welcome Jaro, Thanks for visiting I hope you are doing well.

  • I am glad that you liked it. I would appreciate you passing it along.



  • Thank you Tom

  • Jaroslav Spilar

    casey LOL, what a great movie, thank you for that!
    take care!

  • TheReddys

    Casey, I found it very entertaining. Thanks for posting it. Tom

  • Mnkich

    Great video! Thank you Casey & plan to pay it forward to all in my contact list –

  • I thought is was excellent as well.

  • My hope is not lost but we need to make our voices be heard.

  • Yes it breaks it down to make it a little easier to understand.

  • eyasu

    what a wonderfull and easy way of passing a massege.

  • S Aasland

    This was hilarious =D and broke my hopes for the greenback and the us as a nation. Just kidding =P

  • Patfungjs1

    great video. teach me a thing or two. that explains why gold and silver are going through the roof.