RECORDING: How to be a Winner

Today, in a live class, Casey Stubbs discussed the keys to winning.

You can watch the recorded webinar below:


Casey talked about some key things during this training that affect life and trading, so be sure to watch it and share it with the buttons on this post.

Don’t have time for a 40 minute video?

Here are some of the highlights brought to you by twitter:

Achieving success is not about being a special person, it’s about having special plans for yourself 

Good can overcome a  

 Do you there are things in your life that are holding you back, but you refuse to give them up? 

Trying to do something with out a plan is like trying to win a race that doesn’t have a finish line 


Are there things you started that you never finished?  


Being is great. Being spontaneous while trading is not so great


If you don’t have a trading plan  


can help you be in the 8% of people who achieve their goals 

If you don’t receive input, you won’t have a positive output 


Core give you the ability to do things that you don’t want to do but will benefit your life 


has a way of controlling you if you do not on being in control of life. 


A great without good is a bad  


I don’t want to be a with kids who don’t like me 


equals failure when it doesn’t line up with your core values 


Stop asking for if you only want someone to agree with you 


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